Joshua Taylor (b. 1991) is a Richmond, Virginia based self-taught photographer. His work emerges at the intersection of conventional photography and the virtual world. Since 2011, Joshua's aim has been to illuminate the beauty of human imagination by bridging photography with the environments of video games.

Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work with companies such as McCann London, CRAFT London, PhotoWorld China, Microsoft Xbox, and Bossa Studios to achieve imagery suited for their endeavors. With this experience, he is effective at communicating with producers, artists, and public relations personnel to ensure all needs are met and brief is fulfilled with quick turn around times.

Joshua’s video game capture work (or in-game photography / virtual photography) is represented through Josh Taylor Creative and previous names such as //NOTRL and JTGP.

He is currently available for assignment or collaboration worldwide. Joshua works with people and brands to tell powerful stories and communicate effective messaging through virtual imagery.

Why Subscribe? The most obvious would be - If you’ve liked seeing my work on other social media platforms and would want to continue being updated on it moving forward.

I will be honest though in that the way my creative mind works.. it ebbs and flows in it’s productivity, so my posts could potentially be inconsistent at times. I am also largely a visual person and my work is visual - so I will be posting shots that don’t make it onto the website portfolio here.. to satisfy my need to share it or say something about it.

Lastly, I will be doing some writing as well. I am self conscious of my writing abilities due to real life traumas so please be patient with me as I work through this. It’ll probably always be uncomfortable, but in my mind - only way to work through something like this in particular is to just do it.

Thank you for your interest!